This is how I met Elise who became my wonderful life partner, and how I met Joanne who became my psychic secretary and social networker. This one phone call changed the entire course of my life. And it almost never happened if it wasn't for some Italian guy locking me in a room and making demands! This is how my life completely changed. makes for a good afternoon listen.
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Talking About Mediums

Talking about Mediums

A casual chat with Scot and Joanne
We shot this video back when I was thinking about tv shows and youtube channels - before I realized that being on video made me way too uptight and that I would be far more relaxed and natural in the podcast format! I look so nervous!
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Scot Elise and Eleanor

Scot and Elise and Eleanor on a nature hike

Scot in 2008

Late night shenanigans in the Rutgers Photo Studio


Rutgers, Graduation Ceremony with my step-mom and my Aunt Madge

On set

2009 on-set filming a commercial

Scot in 2009

I used this picture for my first website and Facebook profile in 2009

Buzz Cut

In 2010 I decided to cut from my past and shave my head

Hughes Street

The parlor room at Hughes Street in historic Cape May, NJ