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Coming of Age

Coming of Age as a Psychic Medium

A High School presentation
Here's the video I made for Joanne's daughter's senior project on mediums. I ended up putting this on my website and using it in email replies to booking requests to give people a better feel for who I was.
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Facebook Pic

Trying to look professional with the blazer

SEH Banner

Website Banner

It's all about good branding and design, or so I thought.

In-Home Readings

In-Home Readings

Trying to film an in-home reading never quite worked out as well until I turned the camera off, but at least I was able to get a good screen shot from the video!

Back Corner Cafe Apple

Coffee Shop Postcard

By 2011, I still couldn't shake that Graphic Design degree! I used to put hours into creating these designs, trying to be clever and eye-catching.

Back Corner Cafe Lemon

Coffee Shop Postcard

It's almost like I'm personally more interested in the pie.

West Cape May

It's a Sign

Trying to spread the word about my fire hall group readings.

Wheel of Fortune

Social Media Posts

Still putting that college degree to good use to design more eye-catching visuals. Not that any of this really matters since I learn later that what I do is actually best spread 100% by word-of-mouth! But still, it made you look, right?

Good Room

Good Layout

When I was trying to over-explain the energy requirements of holding a private reading with me I created little room illustrations to use on my website. Here's an example of a "good room layout" that works well for the style of readings that I do.

Bad Room

Bad Layout

I mean, you can see it too, right? It's not just me, I swear! In the end, this is all going a bit too far, I think!