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Conditions for a Reading

Conditions for the Best Reading

How to Set Up the Best In-Home Reading Expereince

I made this video in 2014 to include in every new in-home reading request. I was trying to safeguard against all the peculiar things that could disrupt the circle of energy I needed for channeling. By pointing out so many oddities, I think I was starting to lose people, or deflating their excitement! But I was just trying to explain things to make sure the reading would work!

Scot in 2015

Updating my stock photo in 2015.

White Clogs

The Infamous Clogs

The footwear that raised a thousand eyebrows.

Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful

What I would look like if I was doing readings in 1915 instead of 2015. You will be mesmerized by my moustache, no?

Psychic Night

2013 Psychic Night Postcard

Advertising three separate group readings on one postcard, why not?

Black Friday Ad

2016 Black Friday Ad

The age-old dilemma: How does one design promotional material that is fun and eye ctaching but yet doesn't fall too heavily into the spooky or paranormal?

Firehall Group Reading

Group Reading in West Cape May

I've been known to get a little animated when channeling spirit energy in a large group.

Milville Group Reading

Group Reading in Millville, NJ

Pausing for a photo-op for the social media feed before setting up for a group reading in an art center in Millville. Elise's painting appears in the background!